Shaken up Speare
Shaken up Speare
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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A sonnet for my old man.

The Bard was all over true love.

I thought I would have a go.

Shaken up Speare

I wrote this little sonnet for my old man. He's bald I'm fat That's that! I hope the Bard would approve.

You hit me like a hurricane

When I was vain

And thought you

Loved my pretty face.

Then life continued

On apace

Through kids and cars

And jobs and stuff

I stuck with you

When things got tough

We built our life

And saw it through

30 years just sort of flew

Now I'm almost twice as wide

As when I was your teenage bride

I thought your eye

Had ceased to see

The skinny girl I used to be

Now I have the sense to see

You never did

You just saw me

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