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Lost but not forgotten

Our Babe

I am a child of poverty But also new hope The youngest of five I was taken from the land of my birth To a better life I never knew We travelled in hope but never arrived

I was carried in my mothers arms Up the gang plank, my brothers trailing behind Wide eyed and lost in the wonder of a huge adventure Luck was not with us on that day

Nor with the Titantic Unsinkable, like our plans for the future We were dreaming of a new land A new start Where hardship would be forgotten

I was found floating, frozen like so many others Washed from my family by a great wave I had no name, and no one to speak up for me

For over a century I was a symbol of all lost children Until the world turned and science gave me a voice And a name

Sidney Leslie Goodwin that's me I lived on this earth for the shortest time But I will never be forgotten

The moment that great ship slipped beneath the icy waves I became immortal

NO. 4 – MALE – ESTIMATED AGE, 2 – HAIR, FAIR. CLOTHING – Grey coat with fur on collar and cuffs; brown serge frock; petticoat; flannel garment; pink woolen singlet; brown shoes and stockings. No marks whatever. PROBABLY THIRD CLASS

The sailors aboard the Mackay-Bennett, who were very shocked by the discovery of the unknown boy's body, paid for a monument, and he was buried on 4 May 1912 with a copper pendant placed in his coffin by recovery sailors that read "Our Babe I visited Sidney because I was in Halifax on April 15th 2012 But we didn't know his name!

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