No Pain
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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I just can't do pain on a beautiful day.

So I decided to write about a simple happy day without pain instead.

No Pain

I put on my hat with the brim and go outside into the cold green shadows of the courtyard. Today will be warm. I work in my little garden, tending the flowers and the herbs. Neatening up the rows and checking for weeds. Secure in my little world.

In the shade I stop to watch the bees on the honeysuckle flowers, while I sip from the bucket I filled earlier. Water splashes onto my feet and I wriggle my toes as they dry in the sun.

A day so full of happiness. The bluest skies, birdsong and the yellowest of flowers. Cool breezes and the scent of the garden drifting slowly along the path to the house.

Lavender scented day gives way to lilac scented evening and the stars appear. I put down my rake and breathe it in for a moment before I take my rest. Tomorrow may not be as good, but I will always have today.

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