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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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I have had mine for 36 years

My Man

I have had mine for 36 years since we were very young We have done the laughter and tears He is nicely broken in Although I think his mother did a lot of the work! Sometimes he is just broken I pick up the pieces

He really cares About everything A worrier Sometimes I just want to say chill out But he can't do it Until later when he will say 'you were right'

We are a team But I am often ill He looks after me Too much Sometimes I need to breathe

People think he is quiet He isn't When he feels comfortable He is a total scream A lovely silly side creeps out

My man is infuriating He is technically a genius An IQ of 165 And a mind like a computer Numbers are breath to him He can split a bill for a table of 14 Before you can get your phone out!

But he doesn't always understand That not everyone is quite as quick Not his fault, he is just a bright star He doesn't get the simple things I have to explain them

He understands love and family and loyalty And he works hard We have sailed the ocean Crashing on a few rocks We bail together To keep afloat

Soon he is going to be a Grandpa Children love him He can be silly People hand their babies over on a plane They ask if he can be hired out

He is loving Extremely annoying Too bloody clever by half sometimes But mostly he's my man He loves us all And we love him back

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