Moonlight fear stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Practicing atmosphere in a few words.


I'm walking in fear through our foggy city streets. My mission has been an urgent one, a mother and unborn child in peril. I managed to save them both. A doctor's lot is to serve his patients.

Babies come when they will and this little one decided to complete the struggle long after midnight. I am pleased to be going home to my warm bed, but it is a long walk. No carriages ply their trade at this time, they are afraid of the moonlight walker who stalks our town.

He drains his victims of blood and dumps them in the river for the fishes to eat. I can hear quick footsteps echoing across the cobbles and a rumbling cart nearby, it chills the blood. I am going to speed up and hope that whoever it is wants to get home as much as I do.

He is running so I am going to do the​ same but the wet stone is making me slip. I think I will have to fight because I can't outrun​ him. Up ahead​ a door opens and there is a man beckoning me in. I am pleased to be in his warm hallway breathless but safe.

The man is small, he has poor eyesight. We are both listening as the cart gets nearer. Then it stops. My saviour puts a finger to his lips then he opens the door and takes a coin out of his pocket.

Thank you for​ flushing him toward me Felix he is saying in a high voice. I will dine rarely tonight. See you again next month​ my old friend. The cart is leaving and I know beyond​ all doubt that the tiny soul I have just delivered will be my last.

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