Monday Monday [An extra one today!]
Monday Monday

[An extra one today!] office stories
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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Monday morning

Monday Monday [An extra one today!]

It is early, the office is silent except for the bubbling of the water cooler. It's new, I haven't been in for a while. Some things have changed, some not all. There is half a cup of coffee on Martyn's desk. It has probably been there since he left on Friday and it is now Monday morning.

His scummy mug would drive Maria mad when she came in and saw it. Martin would shrug but neither of them would do anything. Maria's cardigan is on the back of her chair, she can never decide if she is hot or cold. We all used to laugh about it.

I can smell Jen's perfume. It lingers strong and not very subtle just like Jen. They will be in soon, squabbling and chatting like Pigeons as they talk about the weekend.

The clock ticks, I wonder where they are, stuck in traffic maybe. It is Monday morning and there is usually a hold up on the ring road. I am looking forward to seeing them after my break.

Then I remember, nobody is coming in today. They are all going to a funeral.


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