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Spiders in my roof today-it's been a long week so forgive me : )

Mission Impossible

“Docking now captain.” “All systems to manual and touchdown.” Reep wiped his face, it had been a tricky landing but he was an expert. “Well done” the Captain said.

“Can you get him on the viewer?” “Target at three o’clock sir enemy moving steadily in this direction.” “Right you are.” “Good luck troops, now get the hell out of there.”

“See you all at the rendezvous point.” They made it back safely with one exception. Reep was missing in action. They all knew the score.

Mission impossible had almost worked. The first sustained attack by the newly formed mouse army had defeated the cat. There would be a share of the spoils A.K.A. kitty crunchies taken when they had docked with Ginger’s own bowl, for everyone .

Reep would be sadly missed. Nobody could slide along a curtain rail like he could. They would hold a wake for him later when they were back at their top secret mobile base, behind the plumbing under the kitchen sink.

They were just raising a kibble to Reep when the lid on the box of soap flakes moved aside and he appeared. Limping and slightly damp where Ginger had chewed him. He gave them a shaky mouse high four and collapsed, saying that the cat was not as quick as he used to be.

They were jubilant. The new mouse army had completed its first mission. This was only the beginning.

More brigades were forming. Missions to the pantry and beyond to the far reaches of the universe, or the grocery store as the humans called it were planned. Cat kind had had its day. After that it was anyone’s guess, and only a twitch of the whiskers stood between them and world domination.

They slept well on their victory, little knowing that Ginger was awake and secretly plotting. There were several cats in the area who would like to get even. If only they could stop arching their backs and hissing at each other. When they got organised there was so much that they could achieve…

This is the original Reepicheep of Narnia fame. What a hero!

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