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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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A housewife realises that there is more to life.


Gerald said he was in a meeting and he couldn't do lunch. It wasn't a problem, he has a busy life and a pressurised job. I have shopping to do. I don't work, he likes me to stay at home. Old fashioned I know but he's always put his foot down.

The children have grown up so I find there is very little for me to do during the day, except get his dinner on the table at six-thirty sharp. I went to catch the bus but of course, I missed it. Gerald is always saying I am useless with time. Gerald thinks I am useless with everything except cooking and cleaning.

That is when I see him, Gerald I mean. He is in a cafe with his friends, laughing and drinking. I realised that there was no meeting, he just didn't​ want to be with me. I wasn't angry in fact I was jubilant. "Well,​ Gerald I thought, get your own dinner. See how you like those apple's dear."

For some time now I have been mulling over a little idea that I had with my neighbour Mrs Axleby. She had a husband just like Gerald​ until she saw sense and kicked him out.

We are going into business. Busy people who want to have a dinner party that's our market. We not only cook​ for them we clean their houses as well while they have a lovely day out​.

Mrs Axleby used to be a florist before she married Edgar, so she will also do the table if they require something special. And Gerald will just have to lump it. He can get his own dinner from now on, it won't kill him to try. After all, this is nineteen fifty-eight​, ​not eighteen fifty-eight​.

Tomorrow I will inquire about driving lessons. Then we can get a van. If Gerald makes a fuss I will probably leave him and get a little flat of my own, once the business is up and running smoothly. I was trained as a bookkeeper before the war so I know my way around a set of accounts.

Beryl, Mrs Axleby, already has a file of enquiries from people. We have found our gap in the market. My husband might just find that I have a few meetings of my own from now on. He was dead right about one thing, I am fantastically good at cooking and cleaning-poor old Gerald!

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