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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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The biggest heart.


My niece is ten years old. Pretty and popular. She has the biggest heart and the coolest friends. One is tiny, he's finding life tough at the moment, but she is his champion.

Her other best friend is a boy who wears a dress to school. Sadly he also gets a rough time of it. But my ten year old lion sticks up for them both. They are all buddies.

She doesn't care what they wear or how big or small they are. Her ten year old eyes can see what many older people can't. The person inside who needs a friend and a hand to hold now and again.

I wish there were more people like her who ignored the wrapping and saw the chocolates inside the box. What is it they say? Out of the mouths of babes...

They are the future. Between them Mr Tiny My ten year old lion And the boy in the dress Shame the adult world and show us how it should be done.

Be nice to each other people x

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