I can see right through you!
I can see right through you! ghosts stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
Autoplay OFF   •   6 months ago
I swear to God I saw a ghost yesterday when I was in the ​hospital. It was so incredibly normal it actually shocked me. So what do​ I do-write a little poem of course!

I can see right through you!

Yesterday I saw a ghost The first I've ever seen A bearded man in front of me Transparent and serene

He sat between two people Taking up a chair I don't think his near neighbours Had a clue that he was there.

He didn't hang around for long He disappeared from view I can't say I was frightened More puzzled would be true

I checked for odd reflections And tricks to do with light But this was no illusion I knew that I was right

I really can't believe it There's little more to say Something so irrational Can't be explained away!

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