Eternity Is Not Forever
Eternity Is Not Forever eternity stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
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When I was a child eternity was waiting for Christmas

Eternity Is Not Forever

When I was a child eternity was waiting for Christmas

or long Sunday afternoons with absolutely nothing to do

As I grew eternity grew with me

That eternal​ wait for payday

The endless Taxi queue in freezing winter rain after a night out

My eternity changed when it stopped for others

Watching my father as he lay breathing his last

Listening out for that final call​ to tell you it was over

That pin drop moment when the word cancer made my own eternity stop completely

Followed by endless days of watching myself drift away

An Iceberg in the sun.

What comes after isn't bad, it's nice here calming

All trees and rivers and blossom, I like the blossom

I suppose other people have their own afterlife, their own eternity

But this is mine and I'm​ sure I will cope

After all, I'm used to it

My whole life has been an eternity

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