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Easy Peasy

Smug wasn't the word!

We knew he had killed his wife She had her head bashed in. We just couldn’t find a weapon.

It was the sink that did for him. A tiny pea in the sink. The rest of the kitchen was spotless. It was her houseproud nagging that had driven him over the edge.

I saw it and I knew. We bagged it for DNA Then we went to look in the freezer. It was completely iced up Except for the chunk that was missing!

He must have hit her with it. Then he calmly melted it down the plug hole and thought he was safe. Like an old TV drama I saw once. The pea must have been stuck to the outside of the ice because it was squashed, not preserved and whole.

He confessed in the end. He said it was her relentless carping about the freezer icing up and why didn’t he fix it that drove him to kill! She had called him useless, once too often. He snapped!

If only he had washed the sink down like she was always telling him to do, he might just have got away with it. Shirley it seemed, had the final word as usual. She got her revenge on poor old Trevor! He didn't seem to mind. Where he was going nobody was ever going to nag him about the housework again!

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