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The intercom bonged-unusually the tannoy message was quite clear. Passenger: Moran please report to the checkout desk where your flight is now boarding.

Delayed By Fog.

The intercom bonged, unusually the tannoy message was quite clear.

Passenger Moran please report to the checkout desk where your flight is now boarding. Bing Bong!

Moran tipped his hat and went through the door.

We had all gotten to know each other pretty well over the last 24 hours in this funny little airport. Playing cards and generally putting the world to rights.

Moran was funny. A bloody good poker player he cleaned the rest of us out, then he gave it all back so we could play again. He told us he was retiring after a working lifetime on the road.

He was hoping to spend a lot of time making it up to his wife and he was going to surprise her with a world cruise. He even showed us a glossy brochure. Esther he said would love it.

It may have been a shack but it was kept spotlessly clean by the airport staff. We were fed well, mostly soup but it wasn't as if we were burning any energy waiting for the fog to lift.

We spent a lot of our time dozing on the surprisingly comfortable chairs.

Considering we were out in the sticks everything was extremely modern. As there were only four of us and we all had different connections our status was neatly displayed on an electronic screen.

Hardy was next. He was a strange little man, shy I would say. It took him a bit of time to open up. He surprised us all by saying that he was a father to eight.

You seriously would not have thought that he had it in him. He was pleasant enough but you could tell that he would rather be reading a book.

He told us that one of his daughters was expecting any moment and he was looking forward to going home to see his first grandchild.

When the tannoy went again he was slow to get up. Bing Bong He told us that he had always been a bit afraid of flying. Eventually he went to get his plane which left me and Docherty.

Docherty was Irish, softly spoken and considerably younger than the rest of us. He was flying home to meet his girlfriend who had gone ahead a couple of days ago.

He showed me the ring he had been saving up for.

I smiled, I remembered being in that situation myself as young man. As it happens she turned me down and married someone else, but I met Charlotte not long after.

My Charlie is a marvel, she has been a total rock for the last 30 years. Bringing up the kids, holding down a job and keeping me in order. She's a very independent woman these days.

To think I never gave her a second glance because all I could see was Mary Heywood and her pretty face.

I vaguely wondered if Charlie had managed to get the car booked in at the garage.

We seriously needed a new one. It was becoming a bitch for not starting on damp mornings and I usually ended up getting the bus to work.

Docherty's plane seemed to be having some trouble, the fog was coming down again. It circled for a bit and finally we heard it humming away into the distance.

So that left me, my flight kept trying to land and going away again. It was extremely annoying. Finally it had to turn back and my heart sank as the message came up delayed indefinitely. Bing Bong

I wanted to get home to Charlie and the kids.

So I spent another night at the airport. It's actually pretty hard to sleep with the lights and the noise of the trolleys going backwards and forwards all night.

I awoke the next morning with one of the staff touching my hand. It made me jump.

I asked her if the flight was finally going. She just smiled and told me I was a bit confused.

It wasn't a flight Mr Johnson she told me, it was a bus crash. You don't remember because you hit your head. This is critical care not an airport.

She explained it all very carefully.

The driver Moran had a heart attack on his last day at the wheel. The bus had crashed into a jewellers killing a young woman and gravely injuring her fiancée and the shop manager

a man named Hardy who had been putting a tray of rings back into the window. There were only four survivors but sadly three of them had now passed away.

She told me that Mr Docherty the young man with the ring had died a few hours ago. The others shortly before him. It made me go cold, those noisy trolleys going backwards and forwards all night.

It seemed I was the only one and that was touch and go for a while. I couldn't turn my head because of the tubes but she told me that Charlie was asleep in the chair by the bed.

I drowsed off again, back to the departure lounge where the runway was dark and the little sign next to my name said flight cancelled, see desk for details.

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