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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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We saw it The warm room with a roaring Christmas fire


We saw it

The warm room with a roaring Christmas fire

They have all gone to bed

Full of port and stilton

It is Christmas Eve and the children are asleep

On the mantle underneath us there are big baubles of deep green glass

Shiny and beautiful

They reflect the whole perfect room

Then it happened a log slipped and rolled out onto the rug

She is always telling him to make sure it is safe

Tonight he had one glass too many and he forgot

The rug smoulders

It bursts into flame and the fire spreads

They cannot hear the alarm

He forgot to check the battery

We look at each other and we know what must be done first

Then we start to rock and jump around

Finally we fall down onto the hearth stone


He comes running

Then he opens the door and throws in a bucket of water

While she gets the children out

It's only Santa she tells them

The brigade come and put all to rights

The fire is out but your lovely old painting of the elephants is damaged

The chief tells them

See it there all surrounded by green glass

Still it can be restored

And you have your lives

Be more careful and check your alarms more often sir

We know he will

We go back to our smoky watering hole

Funny he says

I could swear that there was a pool of water on the floor when I came in

The fireman shrugged.

Difficult to tell, everything is a bit damp now

Merry Christmas

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