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The television is on,

Couch Potato

The television is on, it’s always chatting away in the background like they are afraid to be alone. They are never alone with me around. The children don’t watch much. They prefer fighting with each other. The older one is different. He tried laying his girlfriend on the sofa last night, the first time for both of them I would expect.

He didn’t get anywhere she made sure of that, but she was definitely on the point of giving in. I expect he might get to first base if he carries on. Such an intimate space the sofa. A public thing made private when the lights go out.

It’s amazing to see and hear what people get up to when they think they are alone. Scratching, farting and so many other things besides. He likes to watch the porn channel when she is out, funny thing is so does she. They live separate married lives together in the same house.

I watch everything. Their tiniest little comings and goings, the everyday minutiae of family life. The littlest one knows I am here. She likes to take a peek every now and then. In her four year old way she thinks it’s funny, but nobody believes a word she says about the man.

I raise a finger to my lips and she does the same. It is our secret. I have to wait until they are out to use the facilities, but I feed when they are in bed. Like a mouse I raid the fridge and silently creep back to my dark little world.

I find it thrilling, watching them all in their intimate family space. They have no idea that I see everything. They love a thriller or a late night horror with no idea at all that they are performing in one.

What would they say if they knew that I have joined their family group for a while. Would she scream to know that I have been living behind their sofa for three days. Would he chase me from the house or punch my lights out. They would certainly call the police.

Oh dear that isn’t good, the little one has dropped a toy down the back. Into my space between the couch and the wall. Perhaps she will forget. She is howling now, saying that the man took it. I quite liked her, she used to drop sweets down for me to eat.

She told her mother she was feeding the man behind the couch. They all think he is an imaginary friend she has made up. I guess they are about to find out that some imaginary friends are more real than others.

This is true. Someone I went to school with was the man behind the sofa!

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