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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Good morning he smiled

Chicken Feed

"Good morning" he smiled hanging up a dish cloth to dry "He was wearing one of those novelty aprons" 'Kill The Cook' it said

Would you like breakfast? "We have toast, I make my own bread."

"Or organic yoghurt and museli" "You name it, anything you like" "How about an egg? Fried perhaps, or I do a good scrambled" "Have a think, I'll be back in a tick, just going to feed the girls"

He bustled off whistling to himself "He means the chickens" someone said Chickens? "Yes, he loves his girls, and we use a lot of eggs"

"He's so sociable that we are always entertaining someone or other, and he really likes to cook" "I had to admit his kitchen was charming"

I smiled to myself, "I certainly didn't expect that when the bus hit me"

"Who would have thought that death would be so sunny natured!"

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