Black Dog
Black Dog depression stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Sir Winston Churchill described depression as The Black Dog.

Black Dog

A singular creature Soft of paw Padding into your life Like a half-remembered dream Shadowy but always there

Ready to pounce He will not depart if you pretend to be out And hide behind the blind You fear his coming He knows you do

His grip is strong Sapping what little you have Until all you want to do is to lay down and play with the traffic Anything to make him go away

Quiet death means peace everlasting He inhabits the void Where your soul used to be Working from the inside out Like a worm in an apple Fresh on the outside Rotten within

You can't fight the black dog alone It takes help from many quarters If you stick it out he will retreat into the shadows for a bit But he won't ever go

You know he is biding his time The dark places in your head Are his hunting ground He can't feed on your nightmares They require the feeling you no longer have Where the dead space begins

Silently waiting until that click-clack tick-tock timer in your head Switches on again He always has a return ticket A unwanted guest who won't leave

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