Thirteen Black Cats
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We were best friends at school.

Thirteen Black Cats

We were best friends at school. We knew all each others secrets. Twin souls a bit maginalised from the rest of them. Fiona and Simon a slightly odd couple

We drifted apart during college and it was years before we met up again. We still had loads in common which was nice. We both have successful careers, she is a lawyer and I am a doctor.

Our shared love of art continued, both our partners are musicians. We split up because I began to realise that I was gay. In the end it turned out that we both were!

It seemed like our perfect friendship would pick up and continue into our middle years, except for the fact that we are both fiercely competitive. Fiona always has to have the last word. So do I!

She has to top anything I do. It was infuriating. I always tried to top her and so it went on up to the pinacle of the tree. My mother called the art of one upmanship black- catting!

Fiona told me she was a serial killer who had killed eight men and got away with it. Jack the Ripper only killed five she crowed. I aim to be one of the greats, double figures at least! Then she pulled a knife on me which was a surprise.

Not half the surprise she got when I told her I had already killed thirteen and shoved Mr hypodermic into her neck. Such a neat way of finishing her off, I don't like mess!

Looks like this black cat finally got the cream. Bye bye Fiona dear-one up to me i'm afraid!

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