Afternoon Walk A Mini Story
Afternoon Walk

A Mini Story falling stories

bettyv Anything Might Happen
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Falling down a hole can be interesting

Afternoon Walk A Mini Story

He yawned and stretched saying "Oh it isn't too bad." "My watch is nearly over anyway, I expect someone else will wake up soon enough." "Not sure who is up to bat next. One loses count after a while."

He pointed to the exit "Be a love and shut the door on your way out, it's drafty enough in here, and don't ring the bell" He bowed his head and nodded off. I did take quick look at 'it' glowering away majestically on a shelf in the corner. It looked like it could do with a dust.

There was a thunderous and titanic snore and someone lobbed a boot across the room saying "For Jesu' sake Gwaine, wilt thou turn over or put a bloody sock in it." I smiled, definitely not the language I had expected from a Knight of the round table.

Still, I had met Sir Lancelot and seen the Grail. Far more than I had expected from falling down a hole during my afternoon walk.

I left and shut the door to keep out the draught, and I didn't ring the bell!

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