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bettyv Anything Might Happen
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It is not an easy road


It is not an easy road There are many hills to climb and rivers to cross You must pass each turn although you may look back for a while before you move on again

First there is the shock that leaves you numb and sick to the very centre of your being Then fear which has two brothers anger and self pity That is a lonely climb, for none can follow you into the shadowed hills where they reside

But you must pass them to make progress

Finally there is acceptance of the things that must be For some the journey's end approaches For others it is a new beginning down a different road they have yet to discover

It is a path which must be followed by all A singular marathon that must be run in a persons lifetime Some leap through puddles others wade painfully dragging out each step that they take.

There are no medals just rest for a tired soul and peace, at least for a while

But the journey continues And each of us must travel as best we can Although It hurts to fail and fall The simple desire to rise and carry on is what it means to be human It is the candle in the darkness and the light that carries us on to the end.

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