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My Grandpa is a legend

A Bit Of Domestic Magic!

My Grandpa is a legend

He is ancient and tiny and a hero to my kids

Since I was their age he has been telling the same story

It goes something like...

'I am a retired elf, I still help Santa with the packing each year' I also have to trim Santa's Beard and give the Reindeer a haircut before the big day He was a barber for 40 years!

The children love it, I did too

Sadly his dementia is getting worse

He goes walkabout

This year the police brought him back after 2 days

Luckily the weather has been very mild for December so he wasn't in too bad a state

He told them he had been to Lapland to do his last stint of wrapping.

They all smiled and said 'yes of course' and then they increased his security at the home

But we​ never could explain the fresh snow on his boots!

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