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What it felt like for a girl who liked a guy, but the guy didn't feel the same way.


by bethyyxxx

Day One

I walk the sidewalks of my street trying to get to my bus stop. I step in multiple puddles. The smell of rain brought joy to me, and I never wanted to step inside my home again, or a smelly bus.

Day Two

I wake up in my bed, and I yawn. I get out and explore my house; no one is home. I hate it. No one to talk to, nothing to do. And when I have nothing to do, I want to leave when I can't.

Day Three

My friend hosted a bonfire party at his house for our group to come and hang out. It felt good to see them again, as we all exchanged hugs. I looked across at him, all he did was look down.

Day Four

I missed the bus after school and walked home by myself. It started raining again, and he called me from behind me, and we started walking together, his umbrella shielding us from the rain.

Day Five

All my friends knew I had feelings deep down inside for him. They all told me that they were sure of him liking me. I doubted it. I doubted it with all my heart because I've never been in love.

Day Six

He invites me out to his house for tomorrow and I said yes. I quickly ran into my room, freaking out about what I should wear and what my hair will be like, and don't forget my makeup.

Day Seven

The hangout. I was planning to tell him how I felt. I knocked on the door, and a girl answered. I asked who she was, and she said she was his girlfriend. I was to broken to move, or even reply.


There I am, walking home alone again, making up an excuse saying I was sick. I figured that if he was happy, then I should be happy for him. For I was one of his best friends. I'll be happy.

Day Eight

I tried to hold in my tears but they slipped out. I woke up, and my eyes felt sore from all that crying last night. I put on a broken smile, and got ready for the day I was about to face.

Day Nine

I confessed my feelings to him. He didn't feel the same way, and it killed me. He then told me his best friend had liked me for a long time, and I left with his number. I felt happy again.

Day Ten

I gave him a call, and we ended up talking forever. I had never felt any happier that I was interesting to someone. He saw the love, but I didn't see it until someone else pointed it out.


I saw the world the way he saw it, now. Everything was beautiful. Even the people who had thorns poking everyone. We ended up close, and he eventually asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes.

Interested Back

I'm interested in someone, and the best part is, that someone is interested in me back.

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