Things I overheard at school
Things I overheard at school  highschool stories
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yea i like doing these, these are some actual things i heard people say at school today

Things I overheard at school

¨do you smell this marker?¨ ¨It smells like cocaine¨

¨you look like a roach¨

¨dummy¨ ¨roach¨

*boy taking a Chromebook* Girl- ̈ that's theft ̈ boy-¨Its deaf?¨ Girl- ̈ No theft ̈ Me- ̈ stealing boy ̈ Boy- ̈ wtf are yall talking about ̈ Girl- ̈ maybe you are deaf¨

̈ ̈Christmas butter ̈

The girl behind me going thru my Instagram feed ̈ ̈Look this picture you look bad ̈ ̈ ̈wow thanks ̈ ¨ you need to go back to blonde, but keep the bangs ̈

̈ ̈ let's get our kahoot on ̈

̈ would you tell em to like stop crying ̈

¨um can i have a piece of candy ̈

̈ ̈hannah is our class winner of an airhead, but she is not an airhead ̈

¨ I feel ugly today¨ ¨you are never ugly¨ ¨i just feel it¨ ¨the devil is in your thoughts¨

*girl rubbing her arms* Me- what are you doing Girl- heating myself up

¨Bruh yall should have seen mrs king almost bust her face last class ¨

¨Why are you looking at cake¨

¨I just want yall to know I got all the way through high school and college without… google ¨

¨im tired¨ ¨you said ya tired¨ ¨yes i said im tired¨ ¨well then take a nap¨

¨My brain just shut down¨

Ej-¨Ha stupid¨ Teacher-¨ EJ!!¨ Taylor- ¨no for real im dyslexic¨

¨My dog ate a whole pack of cigarettes one time ¨

¨Is that a threat??¨ ¨yes¨ ¨ i think we need to have a school lockdown¨

¨I stole the cupcakes for you¨

¨SEXUAL ASSUALT¨ ¨But im your girlfriend¨

¨Imma marry your dad¨ ¨Ok, if you can find him¨

Teacher-¨ what Nicholas, what did you need??¨ Girl- ¨Jesus, that's what he needs¨

At my igp meeting, they told me my math level was at 3rd grade

¨I could drop out right now and become a drug dealer¨

¨5 years from now i will be 21 and probably on my 3rd kid¨

¨Math is good for nobody look around these kids stressing ¨

¨When can i start dropping out ??¨

¨Most of the questions are easy¨ ¨Yea bc u know how to do them¨

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