The months of 2019
The months of 2019 funny stories

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just my year bc im bored so read it or not i dont care ahaha but i mean if u want tooo

The months of 2019

January i remember my brother got sick so we had to stay home but i dont really remember much

February MY BIRTHDAY MONTHH went out to eat with my family and my best friend

March yall all know, Biltmore ahahha and my moms birthday and something happened that i dont wanna remember so we move past that

April spent spring break with my friend Makayla and her family

May had to say goodbye to people that meant the whole world to me

June celebrated my birthday bc i want a summer party

July 4th of july color wars photoshoot

August first time at gracies had to go back to stupid school

september reunited with my childhood friend Alex we go to school together noww seen Jonathon again

october my niece turned 1 celebrated my dad´s birthday watched him punch a man in the face went to Scareowinds Halloween

November stayed with lexi at our grandmas and went to the movies seen Essence again went to apple orchards

December went to Windy gap Got a dog Went to Xtreme tiny town with people i love met christmas tree boy at the lake

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