That´s us
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Anson Seabra

That´s us

I shoulda known it wouldn't happen 'cause it wasn't right

I shoulda known it 'cause it happens every God damn time

Almost thought we could've been something

Almost thought we could have tried, but

It didn't happen so I need you to get out my life

But the other night I had you in my head

Called you on the phone

Want you stealing my time even though I said I wanna be alone

Oh and I should know this could never work

Oh, this could never end well

Know it's only human but I never learn

I want you for myself

I can take the fall, the pain, the pleasure

And you can take it all, for worse, or better

But oh, what if we're wrong?

What if we're not all that we thought?

Then we won't make it along

But hey, I guess that's us

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