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1. who is your favorite person on commaful besides yourself? hmm, you? definitely up there bud. And Wren and Shay

1. Do you like MARVEL or D.C Comics better? Marvel

3. What's the most courageous thing you have ever done? hmm haha, probably telling this guy i loved him, he said he loved me too so whew

4. bro do you believe in aliens of course who doesn't?

5. What is your favourite music genre and musical artist? Indie pop, and Billie Eilish

6. If you are still in school, do you have any teachers who encourage you as a writer? Yes, I'm in 11th grade. A teacher that has encouraged me and pushed me was my 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Beach. I still say hi to her and remind her shes my favorite every day !!

7. BTW, my second daughter is named Bethany, and I'm the one who named her! oohhh twins!!

8. Fav band? 3 doors down

9. funniest joke youve ever heard? Inside joke now, lmaooo not having arms and legs ikikik

10. when you look up to the night sky do you see opportunities, hopes,dreams and aspirations or -like me- you see an impossibly high standard that others hold you to that you know you can't live up to but try to anyways because you hate letting people down? woah deep. When i look up i see memories and i feel like everyone i love is looking at the same exact time i am, if that makes since. lol,

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