He was gonna come home
He was gonna come home  sad stories

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He was gonna come home

Stare at the wall, watch the lights flicker, study the painting whatever you do, do not make eye contact with anyone else in the room

a whole peice of your heart just got ripped out, and death was the one that took it you are in a hospital waiting room, but what are you waiting for? he's gone

your mind and heart are swirling all around the tears are making your head pound

and you want so bad to run until you pass out but the lady you hardly even know is beside you, rubbing your shoulder

people pour into the tiny space and you hate them for coming when its too late, but you can't because he wouldn't of so you just accept their hugs and say I love you

The doctor comes back and says its time to come, so one by one we stand up slowly to go see his body

you hide behind the curtain because you know as soon as you lay eyes on him you will lose it

your little brother is falling into peoples arms, your mom is hugging everyone, when you actually gain something to be able to look at him you do in fact lose it, you lose it all

your heart is broken

memories flood

you have to walk away

r.i.p Papa thank you for showing me the way every person and every animal should be treated im gonna miss you more and more everyday, i love you 1-6-2020

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