Tips On How To Take A Great Butt Pic
Tips On How To Take A Great Butt Pic butt stories
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I've been out of the game for a minute but now I'm back. I tried to take a flattering butt picture today and failed miserably. I have a cramp on my back/shoulder from trying to get the right angle. Please help.
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Tips On How To Take A Great Butt Pic

Take from below always! Also maybe try it on selfie side and twist your body so you can see what you're taking. No harsh lighting, and booties look best with underwear on!

@seyi caught me in the act one time, so this is the pre...

And this is the post (it looks weird bc the tights but the booty was on fleekington)

Get goofy with it! Take em in public!

Lie down and take it from the front

Prop yourself up on your elbow like "Paint me one of your French girls"-style, then take your free arm behind you and snap!

Angle from the top, beside your shoulder to get a cute peekaboo. Sit on your knees if you need more leverage

Get someone else in the picture, so they can see how cute your butt is

If taking from below, don't be afraid to turn your phone upside down. Flip it in post. Get a little to the side, and lean towards the camera.

original by futurestranger

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