Starbucks Drinks, Ranked By Caffeine Content
Starbucks Drinks, Ranked By Caffeine Content starbucks stories

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Looking for an afternoon jolt or something to keep you up this evening? Here's the caffeine content for Starbucks beverages, using Grande sizes for an easy reference point.
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Starbucks Drinks, Ranked By Caffeine Content

1. Hot Black Coffee: A grande black coffee will have about 330 milligrams of caffeine (the recommended daily amount for an adult is about 400 milligrams (mg) so maybe skip that refill!)


Americano (hot or iced): Three shots of espresso plus water, whether hot or iced, and whether or not you add cream and sugar, those three shots at the bottom contain about 75mg of caffeine each,

so a grande will hit ya with 225mg.

3. Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice: Three shots of espresso for 225mg of caffeine are shaken over ice with classic syrup, and topped with a splash of milk.

4. Starbucks Cold Brew Iced Coffee: Cold Brew steeps for 20 hours in cold water, giving it a higher caffeine content than our regular iced coffee. A grande will have 200mg.

5. Flat White: A Flat White uses shots of espresso pulled Ristretto style, meaning the water moves through the coffee faster and results in a sweeter, but less caffeinated espresso.

A grande will get three Ristretto shots, or 195mg of caffeine

6. Cafe Mocha: Two shots of espresso plus four pumps of mocha sauce comes out to 175mg of caffeine.

7. Iced Coffee: Pouring hot coffee over ice is going to dilute it a little bit, Starbucks brews double strength to help eliminate some of this but it still drops the caffeine content to 165mg.

8. Cafe Latte: Two shots of espresso and milk, hot or iced this will have 150mg of caffeine, adding a flavor won't change the caffeine content.

9. Cappuccino: Built with the same ingredients as a latte, but with more foam than steamed milk. 150mg of caffeine in a grande.

10. Caramel Macchiato: They may taste stronger due to the espresso being poured over the drink, but a grande will still get just two shots of espresso, or 150mg of caffeine

11. Chai Tea Latte: Chai is a caffeinated tea, and the concentrate Starbucks uses will have about 95mg of caffeine for a grande.

12. Frappuccinos: Any grande coffee based Frappuccino is going to get three pumps of frap roast coffee, or 95mg of caffeine.

(The exception would be the espresso Frappuccino, which would add one shot of espresso for 170mg)

13. Green Tea Latte: A Starbucks green tea latte is made with milk and a matcha powder mix. Hot or iced, a grade will have 80mg of caffeine.


Espresso: As mentioned above, each shot of espresso is going to have 75mg of caffeine, so whether drinking it straight, as an espresso macchiato, espresso con panna,

or adding shots to any drink, just calculate 75mg per shot.

15. Black Iced Tea: Sweetened or unsweetened, Mango or plain Black Tea Lemonade. Unless you request no-water a grande of any black iced tea will have about 65mg of caffeine


Starbucks Refreshers: The Cool Lime, Strawberry Acai, and Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers are juice based beverages that are caffeinated with green coffee extract,

and a grade will have 55mg of caffeine.

17. Green Iced Tea: Same a with the black tea, any green iced tea is going to have about 45mg of caffeine.

18. Hot Black Tea: An Grande English Breakfast or Earl Gray Tea is going to have about 40mg of caffeine.

19. Hot Chocolate: Our Mocha sauce will have some caffeine, so a grande hot chocolate is gonna run you about 25mg of caffeine.

20. Starbucks can of course make any espresso or coffee based drink decaf

Though true decaf is impossible, a decaf espresso shot will have up to 15mg of caffeine

21. Non-Caffeinated drinks: any cream-based Frappuccino or herbal tea will be naturally non-caffeinated

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