All Of Padme Amidala's Outfits, Ranked
All Of Padme Amidala's Outfits, Ranked tatooine stories

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We watched her as a kickass Queen, a kickass Senator, and a kickass expectant mom, and she looked amazing throughout it all. Some outfits are just better than others. Original by Lexie_elyse/Lexie1y

All Of Padme Amidala's Outfits, Ranked

We watched her as a kickass Queen, a kickass Senator, and a kickass expectant mom, and she looked amazing throughout it all. Some outfits are just better than others.

Note: I WILL be including all of the outfits she wore when she was disguised as a handmaiden. I also included some outfits twice if she was wearing a coat and took it off or something

37. The Leather Dress UGHHH: I liked this outfit with the cover up, as it's ranked higher.

This outfit just looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE and combined with the super awkward conversation she and Anakin were having, this scene just becomes super cringeworthy.

36. The Not So Invisibile Cloak: Not only does she look so out of place in Tatooine, she is hiding an amazing outfit under this ridiculous looking cloak.

35. The White Robe: This is the dress she is wearing when she gives birth, and subsequently dies, and it's basically what you would expect of the situation.

It's still better than The Leather Dress UGHHH and The Not So Invisible Cloak though.

34. The Forgotten Dress: I'm gonna level with y'all and admit that I honestly cannot remember this dress AT ALL. That said, I still don't love it, and it clearly wasn't very memorable.

33. The Nightgown with PEARLS: WHAT KIND OF A CRAZY PERSON SLEEPS ON PEARLS????? This is a question that has plagued me for years.

I just refuse to believe that this was comfortable and that's why I ranked this so low, because functionality is important too!

32. The Uncomfortable Queen Outfit: I'll admit, I'm prefer her senator outfits over her Queen outfits because I feel like she's always kind of drowning in her Queen outfits.

And this one is the worst as far as completely covering her to the point where she always looks like she's about to start crying while she's wearing this.

31. The Practical Nightgown: This is boring but at least it's realistic, unlike the Nightgown With PEARLS.

30. The Looks Like My Aunt Dress: She looks like my Aunt in this outfit. I have no other comments about this outfit.

29. The Pregnant Cloak: In the third movie, she wears a lot of darker outfits to hide her pregnancy, and while I understand that, I do think the costume designers got a little lazy,

and this is no exception.

28. The Silver Queen: I barely recognize her in this dress. I like the silver on her, and I love the hairstyle.

27. The Incognito Dress: I like this dress, but she is going into hiding because someone is trying to kill her, and this dress doesn't seem very "blending in" to me.

26. The Purple Queen: I like the dress but the hairpiece seems a little ridiculous. Other than that, it's a nice look.

25. The Olive Green Cloak: This cloak is a nice new color for her, and the purple sash is a great accessory.

24. The Tatooine Disguise: I like this, but I can't help but think that she must have been WAYY too hot on Tatooine. Other than that, it's a good look and her hair is fabulous.

23. The Fancy Packing Dress: She wears this while she is packing for Naboo, and while I like the colors, I don't love the arm clamp things.

22. The Welcome Home Anakin Dress: This is slightly boring, but it's also very classy and the earrings are a great touch. Plus I love the hairstyle nod to Princess Leia.

21. The Dream Nightgown: This nightgown is FANTASTIC. Where do I find one of those matching sweaters?

20. The Midnight Blue Dress: I love this dress, but I think the hairstyle was a mistake.

I've only recently realized that this dress is actually beautiful, and I've watched this movie thousands of times, because every time I'm always so focused on her hair.

19. The Leather Dress UGHHH Improved: I really liked this, even though we only saw it briefly. I like the whole ensemble, and I like the combination of edgy and soft.

18. The Orange Handmaiden Disguise: The use of colors here is great, and orange is actually a very nice color on her.

17. The Velvet Dress: The colors and designs on this one are gorgeous. I also really like the neckline.

16. The Queen in Battle Outfit: This is a really cool outfit. The idea of a Queen who's out there fighting with her people has always impressed me, and she looks amazing doing so.

15. The Pregnant Beauty: I forget about this dress a lot, but it's stunning. It goes well with the cloak and it disguises her pregnancy in a nice way.

14. The Fighter Uniform: This outfit is both cool and functional, and her hairstyle proves once again that I want her hairstylist.

13. The Somber Beauty: Her whole planet was in turmoil, but she looked amazing.

12. The Tatooine Flowy Dress: I really like this one. It's so big, flowy, flattering, and amazing. I want it, I just have no idea where I would wear it.

11. The Field Frolicking Dress: I love this dress. She looks happy, and I like how the dress and the headband match, but aren't too matchy-matchy.

It also has a nice combination of tight and flowy.

10. The Best Pregnancy Hider: This dress is very sharp, and her hair is styled perfectly for it. This dress also gets a ⭐️ for doing the best job of hiding her pregnancy. I didn't even notice.

9. The Funeral Dress: This is the final appearance of Padme Amidala, and she is dressed very appropriately. This dress is beautiful, and a wonderful final tribute to her.

8. The I Don't Like Sand Dress: All I can think about when I see this dress is Anakin and his whole "I don't like sand" scene.

Other than that, this dress is beautiful, fits in perfectly with the setting, and makes her look stunning.

7. The Peace Celebration Dress: I LOVE this. This dress is perfect for celebrating peace, her hair is perfect, and the overall look is just fantastic.

6. The Blue Maternity Stunner: This is one of my absolute favorite maternity looks of hers. It's a fantastic color on her, and it's so soft and stunning. She looks like a pregnant goddess.

5. The Iconic Queen Amidala: When you think Queen Amidala, this is the dress you think of. It's powerful, grand without being too much, and an unforgettable look.

4. The Wedding Dress: Her wedding dress was absolutely perfect for her. In the movie, we only see small pieces of it and it still looks outstanding.

I couldn't have designed a better wedding dress for her in my mind.

3. The Pregnant Badass Outfit: This is my favorite maternity look of hers. It highlights her bump so well while also being practical and just overall amazing.

2. The Geonosis Jumpsuit: Fun fact: my sister and I both wore this costume for Halloween one year and I don't regret a thing.

This outfit is stylish, practical, and still looked good after it had been torn. And does anyone know who did her hair, and if they can also do mine like that?

1. The Tatooine Goddess: Her hair, the color, the flow, the embellishments, and the small touch of skin make this outfit an absolute knockout.

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