The world of Lies...

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The world of Lies...

by bessparker

How it starts...@The Journey of a Lie

It starts when you have a deep desire of something you don't have. You want it and u want it real bad. But you can't by fair means. For that you gotta be crooked (or so u think)!

The Journey along the way...

You feel awesome, right?!! I got it!! But then it becomes an every minute and every day job to lie...U keep on achieving but keep on regretting. Also, the walls have ears. Many know ur secret..

The growing pleasurable guilt...

Not all people feel bad abt lying to their loved ones. But some do.And after having the pleasure of victory and cheating, the bitterness of guilt lingers forever...

The end

Someone Always knows...And when the lie is exposed after months or years of hard work, everything falls apart. The guilt, fear and shame swallows us... But it's for d best!

What you learnt?

It's temporary. The pleasure of having deceived someone. But when it's there, it is good. But the sins u've done are worst.One lie leads to another.. It will cause our own ruin. Lying 's bad.

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@sebiera "The world of lies." is incredibly lyrical. Seems a lot like organized free verse to me.

sebieraBooks, talking, frnds and history's life
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@bernardtwindwil Lol..i know... I AM a dramatist..Thanks a lot. But, which poem??

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8 months agoReply
This was incredibly dramatic. Far more so than a Greek morality play and shorter. I loved it. Great poem!!!!!