Finding time to do reading for an essay
Finding time to do reading for 
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In my experience, one of the biggest problems people have when completing a piece of coursework isn’t writing the essay itself; It’s all the reading that they are expected to do beforehand!I have been working at for a few years. A lot of people leave work until the last minute possible, and few will jump straight into completing an essay or assignment. If you make a start on a piece of work before everyone else, you’ll have priority access to all the reference materials you need (books, journals etc), and you’re more likely to get your hands on that all-important hard-to-find book which contains all the information you need.

Finding time to do reading for an essay

On the Masters course I completed recently, the problem of finding time to do all the reading for each piece of work was a frequent topic of conversation.

One day I walked into the lecture theatre and found a group of students discussing the latest essay we’d been set.

I’d finished mine in an afternoon a few days earlier, but most people didn’t seem to be that far ahead. I asked a friend how his essay was going, and he responded that he hadn’t started yet.

“You haven’t even started?” I asked, somewhat surprised, “you know it’s got to be handed in next week?

” “Oh, well I’ve spent all week doing the reading, but I haven’t had time to write the actual essay so far”. Asking around, this was a fairly common response.

I was trying to bite my lip, but I just couldn’t help myself.

I told the group of students in front of me that I had written my essay, in full, over the course of just one weekend – and I had done it without doing any reading.

“Are you mad?

!” I asked – “I’m never going to find time to read twenty books and fifteen journal articles before next Tuesday!

” The gathering of confused faces in front of me was evidence that no-one else in my class had any idea about the techniques I use.

Of course, now that you’ve found this website, you can find out exactly how I wrote that essay so easily, and with so little time spent reading.

And you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the answer isn’t particularly difficult.

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