Zero divided by nothing

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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Reality shock

Zero divided by nothing

by bernardtwindwil

Of being and nothingness You were the wall Not the bridge A land of life Was my delusion A land of death Was your rendition

Awaiting to spread my wings I took solace in your shade You gave me anxiety instead I was waiting for the Sun I did not know I was already dead

Hoping desperately for a rebirth Future life with you Ignoring our history Hoping for a repeat Of tragic consequence

No redemption in your viciousness You narcissist me enabler My only offering secondary gain In my humiliation And with my pain I an assignee of your Callous disregard

I live in a microcosm Of unceasing fluctuation between despondency and ecstasy I dream of your bosom A refuge from you

If you were the swift I was the horned owl Looking for succor and not found Was I stargazing utopian Or did you deceive

I dream of fresh cherry mornings And apricot evening Suns Walks hand in hand When our course is run Growing gray and fragile In each others arms

I dream of intimacy past Dread the shock of reality Refusing to lose my fantasy Of a living Aphrodite I perpetually dream

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@FilterlessMe Thank you that makes me proud.

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Haven't been on in awhile but I fee like everytime I read your stuff I learn a new word, which is great!