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You are beautiful

by bernardtwindwil

You are the accomplishment of 23 magical chromosomes

You contain the molecular memory of all your relatives that lived 1.5 million years before you. Your individual uniqueness will​ influence generations a million years from now.

You are what you are because of who you are

You look, behave, and feel like you are supposed to. Do not complicate your life with the confusion of trying to be something you are not. Work on the things you can change, your personality.

The skin covering your body is not who you are.

That skin may be bumpy, hairy, dark with melanin, or white in its absence.or anything in between. Scrub it stain it tattoo it all you want. It will not change who you are.

Your height is not who you are.

Short, tall, in between you have no say in your altitude. But you have complete control of your attitude. Your height can present problems from the expectations of others. That's not you.

Your weight is not who you are

To a large extent, your weight is predetermined at various times throughout life. Was mom heavy, grandma, aunts? Then you are going to be heavily endowed with fat pads. Increase your activity!

Your hair is not who you are

Short, long, curly frizzy, straight, blonde, ginger, brunette, raven black. Let's all say it together. Predetermined by your genes. Thanks to modern chemicals, you can curl, dye , or straighten

Thigh gap is not who you are

Having sex or not is not who you are.

Your emotional maturity often lags behind your physical development. Sex is not bad that is how we got here. You are not bad for having had sex. You are not bad for not having had sex.

Your grades are who you choose to be

This is one of the things that we can determine for ourselves. Your basic intelligence comes from ancestors. How you use it is up to you. You can find a tutor. You can be a tutor.

The marital state of your parents is not who you are.

YOU are the best thing to come from their union. Don't get sucked into their undertow. Parents can be ridiculously childlike during marital stress. You are not to blame for any of this.

Who are you?

If you comment on this post, tell me who you are. I know that I am starting​ with a great group here.

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