Wild Mountain Oregano
Wild Mountain Oregano complicity stories

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Wild Mountain Oregano

by bernardtwindwil

This is a unique variety of a common herb.

In the Sierra Madre Occidental volunteer oregano plants spread in the arid lands of infrequent rain. It is more concentrated and has flavors from the Earth in which it is grown.

The Yaqui and Tarahumara Indians

These two tribes lived in the forbidding steep and dry mountains. They carefully husbanded and harvested the oregano. It was shipped worldwide.

2009 the year of infamy

In 2009, The Sinaloa drug cartel m0ved away from government control into the virtual wilderness of the indigenous people. This was to avoid detection. The indians were taken from there villages

Slavery is alive and well in Mexico

The men were enslaved for the production. The women were enslaved for human trafficking. The harvesting of wild oregano ceased. The children went to orphanages. No more school for them.

Light a joint. Destroy an Indian family.

Unless you are buying your pot from a legal distributor, you (yes, I am talking directly to you) are directly contributing to the war the cartels are waging on its people. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!

I am not Anti-Marijuana

Our society is creating a demand for which we do not pay.

Innocent men, women, and children are paying the price for your illicitly acquired pot. Please think about it with your next joint. You are condemning a family to an especially horrirific hell.

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