When your boss is a dip*****
When your boss is a dip***** stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.fun
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I have worked for everyone of these. I will offer advice next week on how to survive them.

When your boss is a dip*****

by bernardtwindwil

There is a spectrum of management and leadership

Red is the first color in the visible spectrum.

The "red" boss is always angry. They react with anger and humiliate their employees in public. They are always looking for someone to blame for their own incompetence.

Orange is the next color

The orange boss yells shouts and says their employees are making them look bad. They are afraid of their boss. They are part red and part yellow

Yellow comes in third

This boss is cared of his bosses and his employees. This boss never ever has your back. You are alwyas twisting in the wind.

Green is the central color of the spectrum

The green boss takes credit for everything. He never lets an employee get the credit they deserve. The may seem nice and accomodating but they are not. They have all that yellow.

Blue is the next color of boss

The blue boss is blue. He is always negative always depressed. This boss never cheers on the team. The blue boss is unable to see the good in their employees.

Indigo follows blue but is deeper

The indigo boss is not blue and depressed. The indigo boss is calm and builds employees confidence. The indigo boss backs his employees and makes corrections in private.

Violet is the final color of the boss spectrum

The violet boss is a free spirit. Anything goes. There is no discipline in the workplace. Everyone loves this boss but nothing gets done.

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