Weeping Windwillow on a pond
Weeping Windwillow on a pond stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.fun
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Weeping Windwillow on a pond

by bernardtwindwil

weeping willows dangling their thin leafed lithesome branches curved in genuflection caressing the surface of life giver Aqua

as if the brimming pool perhaps a creation of it's own weeping from leaf through root to leaf seeping age old unbroken circle of life

memory of fingertips rife trailing ripples that won't collapse Gently did I scull the rented skiff disheartened grief stricken and stiff

seeing my sadness on the morrow the Greyhound bus diminishes until it slowly vanishes leaving me standing with our scraps

of long hot steamy summer nights holding to each other despite the sweat that passion delivers though in August's heat we shiver

cold promenades, foggy wraps through damp dense swirling wraiths we tail pretending to be on the trail of Jack the Ripper in our hood

the rapid trilling of our blood when passion and play overlap last spring you twirling in flowers demanding all of my powers

to not burst in flames of lust my love for you just that robust you kept your feelings under wraps how could our sweet love have come to

I need to get away from you a cheap bus ticket to "the Bay" is now an entire world away I watch you slowly fade to gray

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