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by bernardtwindwil

What is it?

It is torture. The victim is placed in a reverse Trendelenburg position. Their face is covered with a wet rag. Water is slowly poured over the nose and mouth mimicikng drowning.

How does it work?

It creates a feeling of not being able to breathe and being underwater and drowning. It is abjectly terrifying a sheer horror. Worse that Friday the 13th. No pain is involved, only panic

Who does it?

Any brutal party lacking the skills of benign interrogation. This includes governments and any other criminal enterprises. Once it is used the organization becomes criminal.

Where is it done?

Why do they​ do it?

It is used to get short term actionable intelligence. In other words, something an adversary needs to act on for tactical advantage within 24 hrs or less. In war you need speed.

Why does everybody use it?

Because it takes no professional intelligence training. That is why thugs and evil amateurs use it. It is quick and convenient and portable. Answers come gushing out of the victim.

Is it valid actionable intelligence?

Not usually. It is often flawed or has been filtered. There are so many variables in the information that taking action without extended analysis could be extremely dangerous​.

Why isn't it valid intelligence?

Because leading up to and during torture the victim realizes​ the answers the interrogator wants and will give those answers whether they are true or not to stop the torture.

Is waterboarding a recent development?

No, it isn't new it has been in use for hundreds or​ more of years. It had fallen into disuse because it was ineffective, unnecessary, and produced no intelligence of any value.

Have you ever been waterboarded?

Yes, I have, in a training exercise . John McCain was boarded in a POW camp. Both of us believe that it is a horror. We are not a nation of torturers. This is not the Inquisition.

Then how is lifesaving intelligence gathered​?

There are professional techniques that will mentally align people with your cause. A plethora of intelligence is gained through acts of beneficence. Make your enemy your friend.

Waterboarding is beneath the dignity of this great nation!

Anyone calling for torture of any kind to discover intelligence is either stupidly ill-informed, a sadistic cruel pervert, or someone who is a psychopathic monster.

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