Was it in the stars?
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Was it in the stars?

by bernardtwindwil

Our room

The stained walls reflected to failing neon light outside the window. It sizzled as often as my heart. I have become accustomed

to the cold, to the aimlessness of my life. I thought it was going to be you and me forever. Three months have past since I changed the sheets.

I can't. They still have your smell. Your perfume, your pure bodily essence. Three months ago you said you were going to bring back Krispy Kremes and coffee. I have been waiting since then.

I keep hope alive

Is it something I said? I know you will be back. I know that you are sure that I will love you forever. Sometimes I get up and walk to the window and search for you. I want to hear

your footfalls on the stairs. The smell of you bringing chinese take out home. For three months I have ordered your favorite.

broccoli beef. I keep them in the fridge for the day of your return. I will relish watching you eat them knowing the love they contain.

I can't let myself think of the unthinkable. We had something special. We always will. I know i can't go one without you because I haven't moved from this room. I am so afraid I'll miss your

return. I haven't changed clothes, or showered or flushed the toilet sice you went for donuts. I want everything to be the same to welcome you home.

I keep hope alive. I will give you three more months. Then I'll have to move on. I'll have to go out and get Dunkin Donuts. Our love story was written in the stars.

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