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Texas vs women

by bernardtwindwil

Terminating a pregnancy​ is lawful in all the States

There is no equivocation about its legality. It is absolutely the law of the land. Until a law is passed and withstands challenges, it is unlawful to interfere in any way with a woman's rights.

I will not participate in a termination of a human life.

My moral position is to not participate in the termination of any possible description of human life. I promised myself that I would never again take a human life. It is intensely personal.

I will not interfere nor condemn someone who does.

When a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy, it is her legal right. I am opposed to anyone attempting to abrogate that right. Those who do are guilty of obstruction of justice.

Texas HB2 was unconstitutional said 5

5 Supreme Court justices found that the restrictive nature of HB2 did not enhance women's health. It placed an unnecessary and unconstitutional burden on women seeking reproductive health care.

Texas acted unlawfully and can't be trusted

Governor Abbot stated the HB2 laws were specifically enacted to obstruct women's right to lawfully terminate their pregnancy. How could they be so unethical and illegal.

Nobody won this battle

We all lost. Our state government is corrupt. Is terminating a pregnancy winning?

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