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Study habits and grades

by bernardtwindwil

It's boring!!!! I fall asleep it's so boring.

Yes, it is. This is the point where your maturity is needed. Like nasty food that is good for you take small bites and swallow. Bear down it is like standing in line at Disneyland. Do it!

You will need a job. Money begets freedom

When you concentrate on the fun stuff you are cheating the future you. There are no job titles for Cheif Gamer, Senior Napper, Junior Facebook Poster, Company Reader. Give yourself​ a job.

If you want to ride you need a ticket.

Tickets are costly. They cost hours of study when you had rather be playing games, your guitar, or reading a book. Your diploma or degree is your ticket to the good life. Don't stay behind.

Reality sucks!!!!! Life is hard!!! But rewarding and sweet.

Your preparation now paves the way to a sweeter life. Put one foot in front of the other, grit your teeth and get that education completed. It can be formal or vocational just do it.

You may learn nothing from school

I am not saying you will learn from your studies. It is just that you have to go through the motions. unless you are exceptionally talented, lucky, or well-connected. College is not for everyone

You learn a lot from your peers, I did

Try taking a note from your friend to get a job. Yes, you learn but, that doesn't get your ticket punched nor does it put food on the table. Learning and education can be different things

Many great jobs do not require a college degree

Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, chefs, telephone linemen, wind turbine repairmen, photovoltaic installers, and cowboys do not need a formal college education . There are opportunities.

Everyone reading this already has the fire.

Control that fire with self-discipline or it may consume you. You are being forged into what you can be. Don't neglect your studies to write poetry. Take the time from you gaming.

Stop wanting the world. Make it want you.

By your positive behaviors, make yourself indispensable to any endeavor in which you are involved. Nobility proceeds from a gentle strength​. Mixed with kindness it is miraculous.

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