A long history of immigration in America

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A long history of immigration in America

by bernardtwindwil

Immigration began40-50,000m years ago.

Modern man crossed the Beringia bridge on foot and spread in all directions south into a previously uninhabited breakaway piece of Pangea.

There were myriad cultures spread over North America

Those tribes ebbed and flowed with the availability of food. There were successive migrations throughout time. Most of them were successful at establishing a foothold.

Immigration​ from Europe brought great gifts

Consider that the first people. Lived in a relatively healthy life bathing daily. Living off the land. And virtually disease free. They worshipped a single God. They bathed at least daily.

The great gift of Spanish slaughter and plundering

The riches were so vast that it ruined Spain's economy forever because of their preference for theft versus economic development. Entire civilizations were burned to ashes.

The English pilgrims brought God's love.

It was shown by genocide. Intentional germ warfare and theft of arable land. There was none of this freedom of religion nonsense. It was convert or burn.

The French brought the gift of venereal disease

In addition, they also left smallpox and cholera behind. They traded trinkets for valuable furs. They encouraged the native people to hunt for fur and ignore their crops.

Italians and the Irish brought abject poverty​ as a gift.

Successive waves of immigration brought more and more people who had to be fed before they could go out and get rich. Ahh! But they were white.

Let's not forget Asian immigration who brought opium.

Heroin was such a wonderful gift. It made Native people forget about the other kind gift brought to them by the Europeans

Immigration did not work out for Native Americans

Despite the gifts brought from Europe, The native​ Americans could never recover from the genocide of 16,000,000 of their kind.

Given the history of immigration who can blame them?

These are the people who brought us genocide, famine, disease, and displacement. No wonder they are afraid. They know what to expect. They bear their father's guilt from the Bible

We are not a nation of immigrants

We are a nation of thieves, mass murderers, spreaders of disease, dope dealers, and religious bigots. The Islamic immigrants might be better off not to come here.

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2erofaer I also lean toward open borders. This whole immigration thing seems to be rampant xenophobia. I could not abide by racial segregation and discrimination. I don't like the way my fellow countrymen are behaving. They need to go to a corner for time out.

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Having many Muslim relatives I lean more towards inviting them.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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@lentis I have no idea whether or not we should have unrestricted immigration. I just don't like quotas being based on fear and hate.

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fascinating history lesson :D