True grit is the most important factor to success.
True grit is the most important  factor to success. stories

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True grit is the most important factor to success.

by bernardtwindwil

What is grit anyway? Can you get some?

Grit is the sand in your craw. It is the rocks in your fists, the blood on your knuckles. It's the flint in your eye and the fire in your belly. It's not knowing the direction down or backward

How can you get real sand?

Two bottles of triple ale. Pour half out. Refill with SnappyTom and tequila. Chug both bottles. Go nude in the desert or the beach. Show the world you've got sand between your cheeks.

Fists of rock, iron, or bronze.

Cut your hands off just above the wrist. Take them to a shop that does bronze casting. And have them cast. Show them during important job interviews. It will show your determination​.

Bloody knuckles for everyone!

If you choose not to show your iron fists by removing them. The next best thing is order Red Chili Cheese fries, load them up with ketchup and eat them with your hands prior to interviews.

Get that flint in your eye!

Arrowheads are made of flint. With two bottles of good vodka, your friend should be able to shoot a flint arrow in your eye. Not much to pay in the name of success​.

To feel that fire in your belly.

Drink a mixture of ghost peppers and grain alcohol. Have your least trusted friend throw flaming knives at you until you ignite. This has been approved by the Wharton School of Business.

Learn how to know no down or no back.

15 minutes before your interview, get your friend to ride the tilt-a-whirl with you. For fifteen minutes you will not know up from down or backwards from forwards.

These will give you guaranteed results Good Luck

If you don't get the job. File for money back guarantee atDewey Fleesum & Howe 666 Dum Bass Rd Trump, NY

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