Trigger warning. I guess I have to write that now.
Trigger warning.  I guess I have to write that now. stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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This is a considered observation I have made over the years since I was 5 yrs old and my grandmother committed suicide.

Trigger warning. I guess I have to write that now.

by bernardtwindwil


Suicide is one of the greatest shames of modern society. The studies are parsimonious at best. One of the impediments is funding. The drug companies haven't figure out how to overcharge for it


After the fact studies are pretty much impossible. You can data mine for shared traits but you have no idea what traits result in suicide. The research is hindered by our PC society.


Any data which is not PC is rejected. That skews all result if their are any. The meta-data are skewed for profitability. The easy path was to blame mental health.

Science is expressed with empirical numbers

Data that comes for guesses and opinions does not benefit anyone. Suicide prevention needs to be moved away from mental problems to neuroscience and genetics.

Bullied into suicide? Suicide because of PTSD?

I see this all the time. It allows society to externalize the blame to uncontrollable sources. There are strong indications of a genetic marker.

We must open our minds.

A PC society is a closed minded society. Aggressive research is needed in to the chemistry and genetic components of suicide.

As a society we must demand action.

We cannot continue to lose valuable lives when treatment and prevention will follow the proper research protocols. We may have to admit an ugly truth so we can save lives.

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