Tragedy and root beer floats
Tragedy and root beer floats halloween stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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This is a take on reality horror.

Tragedy and root beer floats

by bernardtwindwil

The car

I went cruising the town All windows down Radio up on KAFY Rock n Roll warm summer night Lookin' for girls feelin' alright

The park

At first glimpse, I wasn't sure a girl Running in the darkened park toward my car I slowed my mind awhirl She hopped in there in the dark Panting and crying her eyes were wide

The girl

Hysteria reigned on my right side She was disheveled and bruised But a very pretty sight So off we cruised No questions asked

The offer

I asked her if she wanted to snack I drove to my fav burger shack I ordered us burgers and fries Two root beer floats two apple pies

The talk

We ate and drove as we talked She laughed a said she was glad I was there or she'd have walked Apparently her boyfriend was mad

The shot

I pulled out on the main drag Smokin' my tires grinnin' like hell My rear window shattered like mad Blood in her root beer I sarted to yell

The end

Her boyfriend had shot her twice in my rod one the rootbeer the other her bod

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