Tornado warning
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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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I wrote this last week.

Tornado warning

by bernardtwindwil

Tornado warning tonight.

Thunder rumbles across the sky Lightning flashes blue and bright Every strike feels nearby

TV showing the danger

Rain splashing down in torrents cats and dogs of something stranger All-in-all a liquid firmament

Winds howl and shift

blowing leaves and garbage can lids The tarp on my firewood begins to lift The thunder scares my grandkids

The rain, hail, and wind will pass

Just like life with stormy patches But storms are a not an impasse We'll get through it with a few scratches

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@ameagami Once you have lived through a tornado, you never forget.

6 months agoReply
Wonderful , I loved the twist at the end. Even though we get over the storm at that moment when we see it coming fear make us believe that we're done for