The trial
The trial ignorance stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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I have long decried ignorance. Ignorance not only punishes the ignorant but all those around him. Ignorance is a plague.
Ignorance is a choice.

The trial

by bernardtwindwil

What is the defendant's plea?

The prosecutor gave a hard stare at the miscreant. The defendant rose with his advocate. "Not guilty your honor." and sat.

The prosecutor's case

Your honor, the defendant formed a group to invest is a retirement home on the beach front. It is now underwater as are the retirees. He should have known it would be flooded by sea rise.

The case for the defense.

Your honor, my client had no idea the sea would rise. He read conservative papers that said it was a hoax. After all, some scientists disagree. Like, Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Pepper.

Point of law

Stupidity is not a crime. It is a terminal disease and is, therefore, self-limiting. Ignorance is a crime of commission. The information is there, but the criminal ignores facts and truth.

The verdict

The defendant chose to be blind to the truth and is, therefore, guilty of the high crime of ignorance. The defendant willfully disregarded the truth to the detriment of himself and others.

The sentence

The defendant will be taken to the seashore and at high tide will be buried up to the very base of his nose is above water. If there is no sea rise he is acquitted. If there is sea rise, oh wel

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