The Roar
The Roar helicopter stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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Memories of the war.

The Roar

By: Former Platoon Sergeant Bernard T. Windwillow

The roar comes first with a syncopated beat of a kettle drum Acting as a metronome of life Doppler whoever he was, knew about a dust off inbound and outbound. Changes in pitch an AK round screaming in falsetto

Great comfort if you hear it, it has missed. Larger rounds sing a doo-wop bass as they travel outbound. Helicopters make a sound of lifesaving resupply Of taking out the dead Sometimes pizza

Doo wop wop doo wop wop A sound that can never leave your mind A sound that can never leave you whole Generation after generation a nation that loves to have a war. But doesn't want to fight it.

A nation of perpetual war Helicopters forever roar.

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