The Red Blanket
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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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Mobeet (Mobeete, TX) a cattle town in the Texas panhandle, Strawberry roan a horse with white skin and red hair,

The Red Blanket

by bernardtwindwil

This happened way back in the summer of '85 There's few from back then who are still alive Whats remember the pride of a cattle drive

This was back before the tracks were complete From up in Colorady down to Mobeet' Them folks up in Denver gotta have meat

The trail boss had a twelve year old daughter That kid was the daughter of John Slaughter Big Tex, a puncher from near Sweetwater

Loved that sweet child just like she was his own The horse she rode was a strawberry roan Big Tex gave her his red blanket on loan

Big Tex padded her saddle for an easier ride Rode close to the cattle with red at her side Steers did stampede with intent to collide

The roan done panicked and threw Lenoir down Big Tex spurred his mount with a leap and bound He snatched her with red blanket off the ground

Put her in his own saddle and slapped the rump Reins free and the cattle close by made it jump Fetched her to safety with nary a grump

With the red blanket he turned the stampede Big Tex saved his little friend when most in need This brave man facing the steer in the lead

Hauled out his pistol and shot that steer dead They buried Big Tex in his blanket of red And from sweet Lenoir many tears were shed

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