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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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The reason why

by bernardtwindwil

It was senseless. It was Satanic. It was insane. Oh why

Oh, the humanity. Wiped out by insanity. An unnatural​ calamity.

Why? We need to ask why? We want to know the reason why?

It's for their closure. They need that disclosure. In their mind's enclosure.

My why...your why...Adam Lanza's why...Ted Kazinky's why?

The perp is berserk. Not just a quirk. Why? Buried in the murk.

Why ask the Ivan the Terrible why? Adolph Hitler's why?

We only want facts behind utterly horrid attacks. Oh, our brains are wracked.

To the question why only logic can apply and reason satisfy

To the impaired brain. There is no logical train. Your question's in vain.

Their why answers neither you nor I no logic to satisfy

Their answer could be that the queen has declared Thursday to be green all along the ravine

Stop asking why when something is awry. No fall guys​.

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